United Foursquare Women – UFW

The United Foursquare Women (UFW) ministry of PNG came into existence in 1986 after the Hegere United Foursquare Church Women’s Convention was held for the first time. This convention brought together women from several Highland province and was the first of its kind to be held in PNG

After the convention a great hunger and desire arose to encourage female members of our Foursquare Churches.This prompted the women leaders of the day, Kakini Beglena, Dorothy Vermullen, and Popsi Vera, to start the UFW ministry in PNG. These visionary leader realized that God was moving int he lifes of women and that women were experiencing the power of God when they came together in one accord. Together with other leading women in the church they planned and launched the UFW ministry that thrives today.

Since that first convention, the National UFW has held conventions all around the country. Hosting the conventions has been a major way of reaching other women and sharing how they can become a part of the Body of Christ in the local churches. Today, the UFW exists in every province in PNG.