Ps. Rodney and Dobi, Tom’riesa, senior pastors, Living Light Foursquare Gospel Church, Port Moresby

Pastors Rodney and Dobi Tom’Riesa have been senior pastors at Living Light Foursquare Church in the Kaugere district of Port Moresby since xxxx. With an average attendance of about 400, the Tom’riesas continue a tradition of spiritual development and community service started by founding pastor Bill Page, an Australian missionary.

On top of a full range of typical ministries for the members including: Sunday and Wednesday services, Youth services, Sunday School, United Foursquare Women’s Fellowship, and pastoral counseling, the church also does regular evangelistic crusades and outreaches, as well as a three-night discipleship training seminar each month.

Although this would seem like a full load, the ministry also provides a number of significant social services to the community, including: a certified health clinic, a school, Woman’s Resource Centre, a Bible College.

They further reach out through the PEARLS Ministry to widows and single mothers and MOALE, a program that feeds several hundred settlement children twice a week.

Managing the services and the staff is more than a full time Job for the Tom’riesa’s, but they continue to look for ways to be more effective through refining the current programs and implementing new ones. You can contact or follow Ps. Rodney and/or the church on Facebook.