Timothy Tipitap
President Foursquare PNG

Rev. Timothy Tipitap has served as President of Foursquare Papua New Guinea for XX years. Under his leadership Foursquare has expanded in nearly every way. With a passion for health care and education, Rev. Tipitap has built rural clinics and school all over the country.

Ps Timothy is also committed to providing training and resources for our pastors, evangelists, church planters and Christian workers.

Current plans include advancements in multi-media resources and services including an FM radio station broadcasting in the Enga Language in Enga Province and and a new Mobile Printing Project which will be able to print many types of resources for Foursquare use and operate commercially as a source of revenue.

In 2017 Rev. Tipitap was elected to the South Pacific Regional Leaders Council and now serves the entire region as well as PNG.