Ps. Timothy Tipitap, President of the Foursquare Gospel Church of Papua New Guinea, has announced that the Foursquare International school will be accepting applications for qualified teachers for all grades in several subjects. This is a great opportunity for Foursquare members in the United States to work in the mission field, even if they are not traditional pastors or missionaries. These positions are long-term, full-time positions. Salary and accommodations can be negotiated. If you have been thinking about serving on a mission field this is your chance to make a difference in the lives of young people seeking to better themselves and their country through Christian education.

This is a good opportunity if you are single, or for mission-minded families. For husband and wife teams, other skills that can be used include: nursing, building trades, multi-media (radio, Internet, print, graphic design, audio/video), mechanics, etc. Put your skills to use for the Kingdom of God.

For more information please contact Dr. Steve Highlander, Foursquare Missions International missionary to PNG at

Applications will also be accepted from qualified applicants from other countries and within Papua New Guinea as well.