Social Responsibility

The Bible shows us that Jesus was concerned about people in a holistic way. He came to forgive their sins, but also to change their lives here and now. In the pages of scripture we see Him ministering to people body, soil and spirit. He was greatly concerned about social issues and justice, as well as spiritual ones. In fact, for Jesus there was no separation of those issues. his message promoted a total life change.

With this understanding, Foursquare seeks to minister to the needs of individuals, families and communities, with a variety of life-changing ministries. This includes spiritual as well as natural programs that meets the needs of our families and communities.

Some of these programs include basic life skills, health and welfare education, adult literacy, vocational training, driving schools and more.

If you are interested in helping Foursquare by sharing your education, knowledge, talents and abilities, please contact us, we can find a place of ministry and service for you.