Foursquare Missions Press Mobile Missions Printing Project Launches in PNG

February 4, 2018
Kumbas, Enga, Papua New Guinea

Foursquare PNG president, Rev. Timothy Tipitap announced this week that the long-awaited Mobile Missions Printing (MMP) project is now up and running. The MMP is operated under a joint agreement with Foursquare Missions Press (USA) and the PNG National Executive Council.

According to Bob Hunt, Director of Foursquare Missions Press (FMP), the equipment and initial supplies for the project, valued at around $30,000 USD (K90,000) were donated by pastors and churches in the USA. Hunt said FMP has numerous Mobile Mission Printing projects around the world. Each MMP has the ability to produce 40,000 100 page books and 1/4 million gospel tracts per year.

Steve Highlander show off the first two bibles printed in PNG on the new MMP system.

Steve Highlander show off the first two bibles printed in PNG on the new MMP system.

Pastor Jeff Nash with FMP arrived in PNG in mid February to set up the equipment and provide the initial training to get the project rolling. He will provide ongoing technical support for the project from the USA.

“Ps. Steve Highlander, Foursquare Missions International missionary to Papua New Guinea, will manage the project on behalf of the NEC,” Tipitap said. “His background in printing, graphic design and multimedia communications makes him a perfect person to take on this important project for us.”

“We are excited about the possibilities to produce much needed resources in PNG,” Highlander said. “With over 830 languages spoken in this country, creating local resources, specifically for individual language groups, is an incredible opportunity to impact the nation for the Kingdom of God.”

“The MMP equipment will allow us to print a variety of resources including: A4 workbooks and manuals, A5 books with full color, soft covers and A6 booklets. Resources can be bound as a regular soft cover books, stapled for booklets or can be spiral or plastic comb bound for workbooks.” Highlander explained. “We can also print forms, bi-fold and tri-fold brochures, calendars, evangelistic and discipleship materials and more; just about anything really.”

So far the FMP team has printed a few test materials and have started production on the new Foursquare Discipleship Leaders Training (DLT) manuals. The DLT will be required training for Foursquare leaders.

“Time is short, but our goal is to have some custom printed materials at the annual convention at the end of February,” Tipitap said. “We want to produce our reporting forms, a brochure on how to use our new website and some books.”

The National Executive Council of the Foursquare Gospel Church of PNG wants to express their thanks and appreciation to Foursquare Missions Press and the generous supporters who made this project possible.