Ps Christine Nebo
Administrator Living Light Academy

Pastor Christine Nebos serves as the Administrator/Principal for Living Light Academy in Port Moresby. The Academy has over 200 children enrolled in grades k-6 Ps. Christine graduated Bible College and received her Foursquare license in 1996. She worked in the church in various roles until 2003 when she was selected to be Vice-Principal and then Administrator/Principal in 2009. “It is art of our visions to give a quality Christian education to our children.” Nebos said. “I believe the kids that we educate, with both life-skills and spiritual development, will be equipped to lead Papua New Guinea to a better future.”

Living Light Academy has a staff of seven registered teachers and 8 teaching assistants. The Academy is currently in the process of being certified by the Education Department of PNG. “We have fulfilled the requirements for becoming an officially recognized public school,” she said. “We submitted the paperwork in October 2017 and are just waiting for approval.”

Ps. Christine has worked with children for all of her ministry. She says, “I believe that working with children at an early age is effective and rewarding. Children are quick to learn and are willing to accept what they are taught. It is an awesome privileged and responsibility to care for God’s lambs. God often works through the children to reach their parents.”