Sending Missionaries to Other South Pacific Countries

Papua New Guinea is a stage four country, which means we are not only self-governing, but that we are sending missionaries out to other countries including the Marshall Islands, Solomon Islands and Kiritbati.

Saupingi Family

Saupingi Family

PNG Foursquare Missionary to the Marshall Islands

Stephen, Meklyn, Patience and Marshallin Saupingi

The Saupingi Family are official Foursquare PNG Missionaries sent from Papua New Guinea to the Marshall Islands.

Our History: The Missions in the Republic of Marshall Islands was planted through the missions in Kiribati through Pastor. William and Christian Yakumbu. In 2015 the was the birth of the new missions in Kiribati in which Pastor William introduced me to the contacts from Kiribati who are permanent residence in Majuro.

In 2016, we were able to register our church with the government and it’s now recognized by the RMI-government and we were also awarded with a permit missionary visa.

From 2016-2017 we have seen God delivering men and women from all kinds of sickness and demonic possession. More souls were saved and within those two years we did three water baptisms. We have an ongoing children’s ministry were Basic English is taught. It also includes a Bible class and feeding program.

Majuro Foursquare Gospel Church
PO BOX 971, MH 96960 Long Island
Republic Of Marshall Islands
Phone: 00692 4557152
Face Book: RMI-Foursquare Missions

Simon Family

Simon Family

PNG Foursquare Missionary to the Kiribati

Revs. Win and Rose Simon serve as designated PNG Foursquare missionaries to the Island nation of Kiribati. They deployed in 201 to pastor the Kiribati Foursquare Church and numerous other programs. Their church has about 150 members at present.

Ps Win and Ps Rose were both licensed as Foursquare Gospel ministers in 2007. Win served as Chaplain of the International High School at Wapenamanda and as a Bible College teacher at One Way Foursquare Bible College, also at Wapenamanda. Rose is trained as a nurse but set her career aside to work full time in the ministry with her Husband. Recently the couple adopted Grace, a young Kiribati girl.

In addition to the church the Simons have a one-year Bible College, now in its third year; A school, where Rose serves as the head teacher; house fellowships; kids feeding program and evangelism ministry. They also work with the prison and hospital doing services and visitation.

The work in Kiribati is going well and continues to grow under the leadership of Win and Rose Simon. If you are interested in helping them or knowing more about the opportunities and needs they have please contact them:

Kiribati Foursquare Gospel Church
Kiribati,, Tarawa Atoll
FaceBook: Win Simon