Ps Magi and Debbie Goro
Southern Region Supervisors

Ps. Magi and Debbie Goro have been longtime Foursquare members and ministers. In September 2000 Magi was designated as Southern Region Supervisor covering five provinces: Westerm, Gulf, Central, Oro and Milne Bay. While the Highlands and eastern side of the country saw the birth and exponential growth of Foursquare churches, the Southern region had few churches.

Goro was tasked with growing the Foursquare family in the Southern Region. Starting with a vision to make disciples plant churches, Ps Goro began to pray and collect leaders to develop the vision. Living Light Foursquare church in the Kaugere District of Port Moresby became the center of the new vision. “We started with a vision and a goal IN 2004 to plant 100 churches and produce 500 pastors and leaders.. AS of 2017 we have exceeded our goal and are working on the next phase of developing the Southern Region in terms of church planting, leadership development and social ministry implementation. We currently have over 150 Churches and 500 pastors and ministers in the region,” Goro said.

In 2017 the Goros planted Bush Wara Foursquare Church in the Nine-Mile section of Port Moresby. This church was unique in that they became the pastors. Known as “The Home of the Second Chance,” the church focuses on people who have failed in life because of crime, alcohol, drugs, illiteracy or other social ills. Catering to the needs of the community, the Goros immediately established classes for women to learn sewing and cook, even before their building was completed. Dozens have graduated the on-going courses and have the opportunity to change their lives. As a result the church has grown to over a hundred in attendance in a few short months. They are ALSO focusing on developing leaders for tomorrow and releasing them into the mission field here in PNG and overseas.

Besides church planting the Goros provide pastoral care for the pastors in the region, as well as oversee the various regional ministries of UFW and Youth. In 2017 they re-established the Well-Drill ministry called Samaritan Drillers, that provides water wells for needy villages around the Region. in October 2017, they sent a team to the Solomon Islands to establish well drilling there.