Foursquare Printing Division

In 2017 Foursquare Missions Press (FMI) the USA based printing arm of Foursquare donated a $30,000 USD, Digital Printer to Papua New Guinea. The Printer is part of FMI’s Mobile Missions Project (MPP) designed to help Foursquare in developing countries reduce print costs by being able to print their own materials for the nation.

Standard publications, national and regional newsletters, materials for all facets of Foursquare programs, booklets, tracts and even small bound books and bibles can be printed with the Mobile Missions Project.

The MMP Project is set up in Wapenamanda in Enga Province and will be supplying print resources for any Foursquare Church.

Additionally the project will produce commercial printing for businesses, organizations and other religious groups to help offset the costs of printing Foursquare materials for free. If you need printing please contact us.