Foursquare Multi-Media Centre – Kumbas

Kumbas, Enga Province, PNG

The following videos give an overview of the Multi-Media projects that are currently in the works in Enga province.

You may have have heard about the Vocational Training and Multi-Media Centre build in Kumbas in late 2107. The building is still under construction, but the top floor was set up to house the Foursquare Missions Press Mobile Missions Printing Project.

The Multi-Media level includes a large pubic reception and display area, a four-room suite that will house the Foursquare FM radio station including: Sound and control room, station office, interview room and another small office or storage area. It also has a conference room, the FMP digital print shop and a kitchen and toilet area. the first video shoes the entire Media-Centre floor, while the second video gives an overview of the FMP print shop. The third video is a promotional video to raise funds for the Foursquare Fm radio station.

Please pray for these multi-media projects. Not only will we produce many materials to be used throughout PNG and the South Pacific by our missionaries, we will fulfill a second objective of offering internships to students who want to learn multi-media skills such as: broadcasting, printing, graphic arts and audio/video production. Ps. Steve Highlander, FMI missionary to PNG is currently setting up and running the projects.

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Multi-Media Centre, Wapenamanda, Enga, PNG


Foursquare Missions Press Mobile Print project – PNG


Enga Language Radio Station Project Fundraising Promotion

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