Earthquake Damages Foursquare Churches

Southern Highlands and Hela Provinces, Papua New Guinea
By Dr. Steve Highlander

Papua New Guinea experienced the first major earthquake centered in the Highlands region on 26th, February, 2018 at 4 AM. The 7.5 magnitude earthquake and numerous aftershocks devastated portions of Southern Highlands and Hela Provinces with landslides, major property damage and the loss of over 100 lives to date. Many people are still reported as missing.

Relief efforts are have been hindered by the remote terrain and the fact that roads, airports and other infrastructure has been severely damaged. The flowing is a report from Rev Henry Kopilyo, Foursquare Provincial Superior on the ground in the affected regions.

Just 23 hours before the earthquake many of the Foursquare pastors in the affected areas left their homes and churches to attend the annual Foursquare Pastor’s and Leader’s Convention in Goroka.

According to Kopilyo, “We are safe but we lost our friends, love ones, Churches, houses and properties. Due to road and network cut off’ I am finding difficult to provide full details and photos of Foursquare Churches and Christian’s in the Province. Foursquare family and friends, here are some of the highlights of damage done by the earthquake.” He went on to mention, “One of our Foursquare ministers is living in a chicken house with his family after their home was destroyed.”
1. Concrete floor was split from the door way and across to
the pulpit and it’s unsafe for next earthquake.
2. Musical Instruments – 8 channel Pevey Mixer, Bass Amp
and Bass Guitar, two Pevey speakers were destroyed.
3. Office Computer and monitor was smashed.
4. Two bedroom youth house was destroyed.
5. 9000 litter water tank was ruined.
1. Pimaga church is sliding and it’s not safe to have church
2. The Pastor’s house is also sliding and families are in Mendi
Town Foursquare Church Care center.
3. Hinu Kutubu, Evangelist Charlie Dumaes’ permanent house was completely destroyed and families are living in the chicken house.
1. Mill Foursquare Church was one side that has buckled and is no longer safe for services.

Rev. Kopilyo asked for prayer and financial support to help with the effort to re-establish the Foursquare churches, homes and ministries impacted by this disaster. He issued the following statement,” Foursquare family and friends, we need your support for God to give us strength and provide finance to rebuild, maintenance and to cover the cost damaged by the earthquake.”

Please pray and give to support the many Foursquare families that have been devastated by the earthquake. See official damage reports below.

Report with photos from the Foursquare Care Centre that is housing displaced church families Click here to see Care Centre photos and report

Official reports with damages and photos Diaster Reports and photos: Click Here

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