Healed From Leukemia

My name is David Simon Nelson and I am a Lay Pastor and a Leader in the Evangelism Ministry at the Living Light Foursquare Gospel Church for the last fifteen years. In 2015 a disaster struck, I commenced losing a lot of weight. My normal body weight was 108kg however when I felt sick my whole world came crumpling down. I was bed-ridden for twelve months, my weight came down from 108kg to 89kg and no one could tell me why or how to get it right. I went seeking medical attention from doctor to doctor to no success.

My wife and I continued praying for healing for months but no breakthrough. We did not give up, we continued steadfast in our prayers and also kept seeking medical treatment. God heard our fervent prayers and sent a Christian brother who worship at the same church but were not close to each other. Through his employment at the POM General Hospital he discovered that we need to go for intensive medical check-up. That we did comply immediately because by now I was in a desperate state and something must be done immediately or I will lose my life to this unknown disease.

I was told later by a doctor to report to a specialist on blood cells, that I did and he advised me to take a test on my red and white blood cells count as soon as possible so he can send it off to Australia to check on my Philadelphia chromosome (white blood count). We continued to pray and then finally the result got back from Australia confirmed traces of “Philadelphia chromosome”. White blood cells shows all cells of myeloid differentiation. There are presences of myelocytes with eosinophil granules, Basophils are present. In simple English the chromosome in white blood cells that was produced had a lot of immature chromosome leading to “LEUKEMIA”. The next question that we need to answer immediately was to raised K20,000.00 so I could go down to Australia to be treated. We prayed night and day to our God to give us a breakthrough, then two weeks later my doctor advised me that I don’t have to go to Australian to be treated. The Office of the United Nations will help out with the medication. I got on it straight away and six months later I was healed and was permanently dismissed from the specialist visitation. Praise the Lord today I am totally healed and gained my weight again from 89kg to 106kg. My God is so good to my family and I, for nothing is impossible in God so hold on firmly to your God in times