2018 Pastor‘s and Leader’s Convention a Huge Success

Goroka, February 26-28

  • Dr. Leslie Keegel Keynotes Conference.

  • Ps. Wayne Norumu Elected as General Supervisor.

  • Ps. Mavis Veneo Confirmed as the New UFW Chairman

Foursquare President Timothy Tipitap declares the annual convention a success, with over 1000 pastors, leaders and Foursquare members from around the South Pacific in attendance. The theme for the conference was, “They that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint. The verse is found in Isaiah 40:31. The theme was rephrased to “Kisim Strong Na Move.”

The conference was held 26- 28 February at Sunrise Foursquare Church in Goroka drew a standing-room-only crowd. Dr. Leslie Keegel, Foursquare Global Council Chairman was the featured speaker.

Messages included a call to leaders to raise up a new generation of Joshuas, hosting the presence of God, Contending for the historic Foursquare Gospel faith and Pentecostal experience, the power of God and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to touch people’s lives. Missions was also a major theme. Conference goers were encouraged to draw fresh strength from God and go into the world preach the Foursquare Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Ps. Wayne Norumu: General Supervisor

At the annual business meeting Ps. Wayne Nurumu was elected as the new General Supervisor. Ps. Nurumu and Ps. Cario Veneo were selected by vote at the 2018 planning meeting held in December 2017 and confirmed by the NEC to be presented to the general assembly at the annual business meeting. Only credentialed Foursquare ministers who had registered for the convention were allowed to vote.

Ps. Mavis Veneo: New UFW Chairman

Ps. Veneo, who was elected as the new head of the UFW at the annual UFW conference in April last year, was confirmed by the National Executive Counsel during the Convention.

This year was unique for the annual convention. Besides Dr. and Ps. Belen Keegel, Dr. Jerry Stott, FMI Area Missionary to the South Pacific and Foursquare leaders came from around the South Pacific region to be part of the conference. In addition, all missionaries sent from PNG were brought back to the conference for fellowship, refreshing and training.

The week actually had three different programs. On Monday the 26th South Pacific leaders and Provincial supervisors (and some others) attended a Children’s Gospel Box Training program, led by Filipino Head Trainer Ps. Della Subio and Dr. Steve Highlander.

On Thursday and Friday 1-2 March, over 100 South Pacific leaders, missionaries and Provincial Supervisors attended the new Foursquare Discipleship Leader’s Training (DLT). The purpose of the training is to standardize discipleship training across the Foursquare world. The training was conducted by Foursquare Global Training Coordinator, Dr. Gary Matsdorf and Dr. Daniel Lucero. Other trainers included: Dr. Jerry Stott and Rev. Timothy Tipitap.