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Preaching the Gospel and Providing Spiritual Direction

Foursquare Health Services

Sponsoring Dozens of Rural Health Clinics

Sponsoring Hundreds of Schools Across the Nation

Foursquare Education Agency

Drilling Water Wells


  • Our National Leadership Team
  • What We Believe
  • Mission and Vision
  • The History of Foursquare


  • Making Disciples
  • Equipping Leaders
  • Multiplying Churches
  • Reaching the World


  • Educating the next generation
  • Ministering to the poor
  • Health services and clinics
  • Training institutes

Preaching the Foursquare Gospel in PNG for over 60 Years

Our Founder, Aimee Semple McPherson coined the phrase “Foursquare Gospel” in July, 1922 during a revival. The name and the images that came to be associated with it represented four aspects of Jesus Christ. Jesus as: Savior, Healer, Baptizer in the Holy Spirit and the Coming King. These four beliefs still remain at the core of the Foursquare message being preached around the world. The International Church of the Foursquare Gospel now numbers approximately 68,000 church and meeting places around the world. The Foursquare Gospel came to PNG in 1956 when Foursquare Missionaries Mason and Virgene Hughes left their home in the U.S. to make a new home in Hageri, in the Highlands. Since that time, the Foursquare Church in PNG has grown exponentially, with over 1800 churches and meeting places, dozens of health clinics, over 400 schools and five Bible Colleges and a government certified nursing school. The national church is involved in ministering to the needs of people in PNG, body, soul and spirit. Click here to find out more about Foursquare ….

Celebrating Foursquare Day April 4

Foursquare Day in Enga

Foursquare Churches across the nation set aside April 4 each year to celebrate Foursquare Day. Our goal is to fellowship together with our Foursquare family and promote the Foursquare Gospel message in our communities.

Meet some of our Foursquare Family

Stori Blong Mi

Set Free From Addiction

“As a Christian I overcame smoking and alcohol, but I never could stop chewing Buai. I struggled with it for a long time. I mentioned this on Facebook one day and a man prayed through the Facebook post for anyone with addictions. God set me free instantly through that unusual prayer method and I am free from addiction.”

Benjamin Cheong
Benjamin CheongLiving Light Foursquare Church

Healing in the Villages

“I have been preaching the villages for many years. I have seen many people healed through the power of the Holy Spirit. In 2017 God sent me to Hamuhamu to minister. God gave me a word for him out of Jeremiah 1:5,” Before you were born I knew you.” I was preaching there a week and Thursday night a man whose name is Hore Kako, came asking for forgiveness of his sins and healing. Hore had been sick and in bed for five years. That night he asked for prayer and when I prayed for him God instantly healed him. What a mighty God we serve.”

Louvei Peter
Louvei PeterEvangelist Living Light Foursquare POM

A Voice Spoke to Me

“Some years ago my wife was very sick in bed and asked me for some water. I refused to get it for her. Later I see her walk to get water, but she didn’t drink it. Then a voice called my name. I went to rebuke my wife for bothering me, but see she is not the one who called my name. Again the voice called my name. The third time it said to read John 5:15. I found a Bible and when I opened it I was right on that verse. I started to cry. I had never cried before as a man, except when someone died. The voice spoke again and said to to read the verse. Then the voice spoke to me about my life and how bad it was, but that God would forgive me. I said ‘YES”, but the voice said, to pray ‘in my language.’ I immediately started praying in a language I did not know. God saved me and baptized me in the Holy Spirit that night and today I am a Foursquare pastor.”

Ps. Daniel Karara
Ps. Daniel KararaPastor, Kupiano Foursquare Church.

An Angel Spoke to Me

“I am a Lay Pastor/Leader in the Evangelism Ministry at the Living Light Foursquare Full Gospel Church,Kaugere NCD for the last fifteen years. In 2015 I felt very sick and within few weeks I lost a lot of body weight. My normal body weight was 107 kg, however after four months of bed rest, confining to my bedroom only my weight came down to 89 kg. The doctors could not tell me exactly what was wrong with me. Then I decided to seek my Lord in unceasing prayers with my wife. We prayed unceasingly until one day my God sent an angel who came and told me to seek intensive medical help. I followed the advice, but continued praying. My God identified the sickness working through the medical specialist from Australia. Today I’m totally healed. My God is truly a miracle working God. I’m now back to my original weight. Sickness no longer can hold me…Glory to God!”

David S. Nelson
David S. NelsonLay Leader in Evangelism, Living Light, POM

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